Meet the people - Tarahumara tribe



Meet The founder

Eddie Sandoval, a Kansas native, remembers going as a child on family trips to Chihuahua, Mexico and bringing Pinole back home to enjoy throughout the year. With Sandoval’s family consuming Pinole for generations, his family can agree that there is nothing more refreshing and filling on a hot Kansas day than a drink of Pinole.

With a bachelor’s degree in business finance from Wichita State University, Eddie was inspired by his family’s traditions to bring the nutritional products from organic blue corn to give back to the Tarahumara people. Pinole Blue pledges to give a percentage of sales back to the Tarahumara tribe by providing the necessary resources needed for their everyday lives.

While visiting family in the mountains of Chihuahua, Eddie witnessed the unfortunate living conditions that the Tarahumaras were suffering in. The noticeable lack of resources in the community inspired him, later in life, to give back.

As an adult, Eddie recognized and respected their incredible athletic abilities. He also noted that many of the renowned runners drank Pinole before they took off for long-distances.




The History of pinole

Pinole is a simple product made out of roasted ground maize mixed with spices to give it a delicious taste. This recipe has been passed down by ancient Aztec tribes that lived in Mesoamerica. Christopher McDougall’s book Born To Run highlights the Tarahumaras, which are an indigenous community that resides in Copper Canyon, Mexico. The Tarahumaras gained the spotlight in Born To Run because of their superhuman running abilities that are fueled by a basic diet and by drinking Pinole. Pinole is still popular throughout Latin America today because it can be added to smoothies, milk, cooked recipes or warm beverages.